Welcome to Momo

Momo is a simple time tracking web application. Its main functionality is that you can clock in when you start working and clock out when you're done. Momo keeps track of how much you've worked. You can see the times you've worked in a timesheet view and if you are a team manager you can also see the times of your whole team.

Momo was developed out of the need for a time tracking system exactly like that. If all you want to do is tracking the work times of your team, there don't seem to be many open-source solutions out there. Maybe someone else will have the same problems as we did and might find Momo helpful. You are free to use Momo and use Momo's code however you like as long as it is for non-profit/academic purposes. We just ask you to please keep the footer (or attribute us in a similar way). If you want to use Momo for commercial purposes, please talk to us first.

Momo is developed by the Digital Innovation Group in the Center for Biology and Society at Arizona State University.